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RRO- "The Sound Of Your Digital Lifestyle": News

The Honeycombs - September 15, 2008

The Honeycombs on RRO Entertainment

RRO Entertainment will release a new single by The Honeycombs this month! A special holiday release, the two titles are "Jangle Bells" and "Hello Christmas (Goodbye Year)". The group features original member Martin Murray as well as singer Tony Harte, guitarist Paul Green, bassist Colin Fox and drummer James Green.

Les Fradkin in Keyboard Magazine - June 4, 2008

Les' CD "One Link Between Them" receives a rave review from Keyboard Magazine columnist Robbie Gennet:

Buy One Link Between Them at Apple iTunes!

"To say that Les Fradkin’s album One Link Between Them is synth-intensive is like saying the sun is kinda hot. Fradkin layers his tunes with inspiring levels of synthesizer sounds and melodies, mixed for optimal keyboard impact. The opening synth salvos on “Lift Off” are in your face and stereo-riffic, as are the big buzzing sawtooth waves and lively percussion on his far-out cover of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan.” Fradkin makes great use of the Roland GR-1 guitar synth throughout, and there is ample usage of Arturia’s Moog Modular V and Jupiter-8V soft-synths, as well as the GForce M-Tron and, evidently, a real Mellotron as well! Fradkin has sequenced and shredded his way into 2008 with one of the most adventurous digital recordings we’ve heard in a while. Get your synth freak on and lift off with Les Fradkin!"

RRO Goes Green - February 29, 2008

For Immediate Release:

RRO Entertainment, an Indie leader in Digital Download Music Sales across the Internet, announces today that, as of March 1, 2008, RRO Entertainment will no longer manufacture it's music catalog in Compact Disc physical format. All physical Compact Disc inventory will be sold out of remaining stock from CD Baby and

All RRO titles will remain available as Digital Downloads 24/7 at fine stores everywhere worldwide. Always in stock. Always available!

Les Fradkin, CEO of RRO Entertainment,said today: "In this challenging new era of global consciousness with our rapidly changing environment, RRO believes it is time to make our small contribution to saving Planet Earth from further plastic and paper waste."


RRO Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the massive 4 volume set-
TIMELESS FLYTE-A tribute To The Byrds

Vol.2 "The Byrds Dylan Connection
Vol.3 "Eight Miles High"
Vol.4 "Nashville West"

Excitement is in the air. RRO Entertainment is releasing a 4 volume set called:
TIMELESS FLYTE-A Tribute To The Byrds

The first Volume-"Reflyte" is already causing waves at CD Baby's charts.

Volume 2 is called "The Byrds Dylan Connection."
1. Mr. Tambourne Man (Les Fradkin)
2) All I Really Want To Do (Walter Egan)
3) The Times They Are A Changin' (Les Fradkin)
4) Chimes Of Freedom (Bill Lloyd)
5) My Back Pages (Jeffrey Foskett)
6) Lay Down Your Weary Tune (Janglebox)
7) You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (The Kennedys)
8) This Wheel's On Fire (Last Train Home)
9) Just Like A Woman (Les Fradkin)
10) It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Alice Stuart and The Formerlys)

Napoleon's Ghost Is A Smash! - September 29, 2006

Napoleon's Ghost is the latest artist signed to RRO Entertainment. His brand new download only single is "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!!."

You may have heard this song before. You may remember Napoleon XIV from those heady days of the summer of 1966.

40 years ago, "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!!" took AM Pop radio by storm. "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!" sold 1.2 million copies and made it all the way to #3 in Billboard before it was banned from airplay. It was an utterly unique novelty hit- nothing like it before.... or since. UNTIL NOW!

40 years later, Napoleon's Ghost offers up a brand new version of this all time comedy musical novelty. Complete with "warped" VSO vocals, sirens and great fun. If you're under stress, this song is the place to press.

As a special bonus, Napoleon's Ghost even re-creates the fun of the original B-side: BACKWARDS!!!!

These songs are available for download only across The Internet.

DOWNLOAD "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!" at Apple iTunes:
Produced by Les Fradkin. A DOWNLOAD ONLY RRO Single.

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