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Timeless Flyte-A Tribute To The Byrds: "Reflyte" (RRO-1020)

The largest tribute EVER to the Byrds, this is Volume 1 (Reflyte) in a four volume series featuring great artists of today's Rock, Pop and Alternative contemporary scene interpreting great Byrds classic songs.

John Einarson, author of "Mr. Tambourine Man-The Life And Times Of Gene Clark, writes:

Imagine a world with no Byrds.

What if the Byrds had never existed?

How would the course of popular music have unfolded had Kansas country boy Gene Clark, fleeing the narrow confines of the New Christy Minstrels’ homogenized folk-pop in early 1964, not chanced upon another ex-folk acolyte, Chicago-born Jim (Roger) McGuinn formerly with the Limeliters and Bobby Darin, at the Troubadour?

And if yet another folk music refugee, LA brat David Crosby, had not chipped in a harmony part to their Peter & Gordon-style duo? Or die hard bluegrass aficionado Chris Hillman had remained with The Hillmen, content to peel off rapid fire mandolin solos; or if Michael Clarke had not been walking down that street or that beach (depending on who’s telling the story) and not been spotted by Crosby?

How would the music world, both then and now, have suffered from the absence of this seminal California group?

While a handful of folkies had already begun testing the uncharted electric folk waters once the Beatles hit these shores, it was the Byrds who defined the signature sound universally identified as folk-rock – that chiming jingle-jangle Rickenbacker electric 12-string and rich harmonic blend. They were the avatars of a new style, direction and substance, popularizing a wholly original genre of rock music for the plethora of artists who followed in their wake. Their sterling electric Don’t Worry Baby-inspired rendition of Dylan’s rambling folk chestnut Mr. Tambourine Man gave courage to its creator to dive headfirst into the uncharted folk-rock waters himself.

With Mr. Tambourine Man and Turn! Turn! Turn! The Byrds shifted rock ‘n’ roll away from pedestrian boy-girl, cars, surfing and beach bunny themes giving it a truly literary sensibility, a marriage of poetry to a British Invasion beat. Theirs was the new sound of California, steeped in folk roots pumped through Fender Dual Showmans to gyrating patrons at Ciro’s on the Sunset Strip. In doing so they influenced the kingpins themselves, The Beatles, who were unabashed Byrds fans (just listen to If I Needed Someone).

Virtually every recording artist since (not just those who wear their Byrds influences on their sleeves like REM, the Stone Roses and Tom Petty) owes a debt of gratitude to the Byrds for turning rock ‘n’ roll into a true art form. “I remember a promotion guy asking me for the lyrics to Mr. Tambourine Man so he could give it to a disc jockey in San Francisco,” recalls CBS promo man Billy James. “It was poetry, it wasn’t She’s So Fine.”

Not content to rest on these extraordinary accomplishments, the Byrds turned folk-rock on its ear in 1966 with Eight Miles High, an aural assault on the senses like nothing heard or conceived before or since. This was music without context, without borders, and, like a year earlier with folk-rock, without a name or label. Boldly integrating John Coltrane freeform jazz with Ravi Shankar’s hypnotic Indian ragas in the fluid guitar lines of McGuinn’s Rickenbacker, once again it was the Byrds pointing the way to what would be known variously as raga-rock, acid-rock, and ultimately psychedelia a full year before all those San Francisco groups became synonymous with that epithet. “The guitar break was obviously a tribute to John Coltrane,” McGuinn acknowledges. “That’s one of my favorite guitar things I’ve done.”

Even before the psychedelic wave crested, it was the Byrds again at the forefront bringing it all back home to a simpler roots-based American music, daring to bridge the deep cultural divide that separated rock music and country music by embracing both Nashville and Bakersfield on an album that marks ground zero for country-rock and later and Americana: 1968’s landmark Sweetheart of The Rodeo. While others were content to wet their feet in country music, dabbling in its familiar textures, the Byrds dove in all the way.

With Sweetheart of The Rodeo and the albums that followed it, the Byrds became the first top echelon group to wholly embrace and legitimize country music making it hip for the hippies and leading the way for all the SoCal A&M/Asylum Records stable to follow. “It all begins with the Byrds,” asserts Hillman on the roots of country-rock, “and I will argue that point with anybody. We took the ball downfield and the Eagles took it into the end zone for ten touchdowns.”

This time though it wasn’t McGuinn’s Rickenbacker but newcomer Gram Parsons’ heart-on-his-sleeve voice and Clarence White’s distinctive stringbender twang defining an entirely fresh, innovative sound that propelled the group through several albums. Today’s crop of country music artists weren’t weaned on Hank, Lefty and Buck but on the Byrds and their many offshoots, and through them connected the dots back to their traditional roots.

So where would popular music be today without the Byrds? Folk-rock? Acid-rock? Psychedelic-rock? Country-rock? Alt. country? And all those inspired and influenced by their music, including the artists on this tribute? Enough said.

And what of the Byrds’ offspring? Without their success as his springboard Crosby might never have hooked up with Stills & Nash (and sometimes Young – and maybe no Stills and Young either as the Buffalo Springfield got their earliest breaks via the patronage of the Byrds). Master of the minor key melancholy ballad, Gene Clark would never have teamed up with Douglas Dillard in their trailblazing Expedition, nor duet with Carla Olson on their seminal ‘80s roots album. ‘New Country’ would not have been transformed by Chris Hillman’s hit making Desert Rose Band. Country-rock’s own ill-starred Hank Williams, Gram Parsons might have continued to toil in the woefully neglected International Submarine Band. Nor would he and Hillman have hitched their wagons as revered country-rock renegades the Flying Burrito Brothers. Clarence White may have remained a respected yet largely anonymous session player; not to mention Firefall, McGuinn, Clark & Hillman, CPR, Thunderbyrd, Firebyrd and on and on.

The Byrds’ body of work remains both influential and essential, not preserved in amber or trapped in some nostalgia time warp, as vital today as it was some 40 years ago. Their music continues to resonate across generations, eras, timelines, and cultures. “That music is greater than any of us,” notes latter day Byrd John York on the band’s legacy, “because when we’re all gone people will still be playing Turn! Turn! Turn!”

“The thing that [manager] Jim Dickson drilled into our heads,” offers Hillman, musing on the enduring impact of the Byrds, “was, ‘Go for substance. Go for depth in your material.’ And he was absolutely right. He used to tell us, ‘Do something you’re going to be proud of in ten years.’ That’s a very important concept to instill in nineteen or twenty year old kids.”

McGuinn concurs. “I’m very proud of our work together. Like Dickson said we did work that not only stands up ten years later but forty years later.”

John Einarson is author of “Mr. Tambourine Man: The Life and Legacy of The Byrds’ Gene Clark” (Backbeat Books, 2005)


ERIC SORENSEN, noted "jangle" rock journalist and Project Manager for this disc offers a track by track commentary for this Second Volume of TIMELESS FLYTE- A Tribute To The Byrds (Reflyte):

“You Showed Me” – Venus In Bluejeans. Never mind the soft-rock versions of this song recorded by the Byrds and popularized by the Turtles! Venus In Bluejeans combines Les Fradkin’s sonic production with the Phil Spector girl-group sound, and voila – you’ve got a very lively, forceful version of this tune!

“Turn! Turn! Turn!” – GAT. Graham Allman Talbot is a solo artist that I discovered through a jangly music page on the mp3 website. Graham can play Rickenbacker 12-string guitar with the best of ‘em, and his vocals/pop compositions often warrant comparison with George Harrison. Hence, this version of “Turn! Turn! Turn!” could have been the song’s British companion hit in 1965.

“She Has A Way” – the Freddie Steady 5. Freddie Krc is one of the sweetest guys in the indie pop community. Together with longtime pal Cam King, Freddie has hit a “home run” on this Preflyte-era song. Freddie has recorded tons of excellent material as a solo artist and with the many bands he has been associated with, but I think that this may be his finest recorded song ever! This version really demonstrates how much the 1964 Byrds endeavored to capture the sound of the Beatles.

“I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better” – the Shambles. Bart Mendoza has been a stalwart in the San Diego pop music scene for over 20 years. I was the beneficiary of his taste in music whenever I would check out the “power pop” selections in the Hillcrest Off The Record store location that he worked at. I finally met Bart in person back in late 90s, and when I requested to hear this song at a live show, Bart and the Shambles performed a raucous garage band version of “I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better.” This studio recording is much smoother and it reminds me of the Flamin’ Groovies version, but the track still possesses the clean pop charm I associate with Shambles songs.

“You Won’t Have To Cry” – Rob Smith with James Cooper. A superb contemporary power pop take on this early Byrds track - with musical and production support from Michael Carpenter.

"It Won't Be Wrong" - Roger & Jim. Indie pop artists Rich Horton (AKA Rich Arithmetic) and Bill Retoff, joined by Retoff's bandmate Dan McKenzie, join forces again under the "Roger & Jim" moniker (they did this once before on Full Circle: A Tribute To Gene Clark) to cover a nugget from the Byrds' early-era playlist. They do a swell job of capturing the sweetness and innocence that was associated with this song when they first heard it as teens.

“She Don’t Care About Time” – Michael Carpenter with Marty Rudnick. Talented Aussie singer/songwriter/musician/producer Michael Carpenter embraced this project with such enthusiasm that he recorded his own track, and then performed on and produced three other tracks! Michael has released two compilations of cover songs, Songs of Other People Volume One (which includes his own take on “Chimes Of Freedom”) and Songs of Other People Volume Two, and he has contributed tracks to numerous tribute discs. Those who are familiar with Michael’s cover songs know that he enjoys being highly interpretive … while still being reverential to the original material. He takes this same vibrant approach to “She Don’t Care About Time” … and its classical references.

“If You’re Gone” – Ol’ Yeller. I have every album by this Minneapolis alt-country band, but I didn’t extend an invitation to them until I discovered that they had recorded a track for the Groover Records Gene Clark tribute disc The World Turns All Around Him. Ol’ Yeller frontman Rich Mattson nails the Gene Clark vocals on this track. It’s nice to know that the next generation of indie musicians appreciates the marvelous repertoire of material that Clark and the Byrds initiated four decades ago.

“Set You Free This Time” – the Conniptions. Imagine a sing-along version of this Gene Clark ballad … late at night, in a small bar. The Conniptions elected to go with a loose interpretation of this song – considered by many to be among Gene Clark’s most poignant ballads.

“The World Turns All Around Her” – Tim Lee 3. A very nice true-to-the-original version of this song. Even though they are only a trio, the band recorded a version that sounds just as rich and full as the original version.

“He Was A Friend Of Mine” – the Retros. This quartet has to be one of the finest pop groups around without a full-length CD to their credit. They have built a following due to the fact that Retros songs have been included on previous tribute discs and pop compilations, and the band has appeared at International Pop Overthrow shows in Los Angeles. They sound like a group of angelic choirboys on their version of Roger McGuinn’s homage to President John F. Kennedy.

“Bells Of Rhymney” – Tony Poole. Wow! Tony’s terrific version of this song brings back the emotions that I felt when I first heard the Byrds’ version of this song in 1965. The guitar work and the vocals are superb. If you have ever heard Starry Eyed & Laughing’s crisp, ringing version of “Chimes Of Freedom,” you will not be surprised by Tony’s skills on this track. If you haven’t heard Starry Eyed & Laughing’s “Chimes Of Freedom,” seek it out.
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Les Fradkin- "Spirit Of Christmas" RRO-1012

Every year, so many people say they wish they could hear sone brand new Christmas songs. Well, here they are.... and as a bonus, you'll get new covers of George Harrison's "Ding Dong, Ding Dong", John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" and Roy Wood and Wizzard's "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday."

Les' Rickenbacker 12-String Guitar jangles and chimes throughout this holiday disc packed with big Beach Boys style harmony vocals guaranteed to please "Pet Sounds" and "Beach Boys Today!" fans.

Les' new songs for Christmas include some done in a Beach Boys/Brian Wilson meets Phil Spector style ("Say You Love Me For Christmas", "Jangle Bells", "Hello Christmas, Goodbye Year"), a Beach Boys meets Roy Orbison styled "The Spirit Of Christmas", an Edison Lighthouse and White Plains British Pop styled "My Baby Loves Christmas", a Jangleholic meets Jimmy Buffett exploration on "Christmas Vacation", the Les Fradkin and Raven Kane collaboration and Procol Harum influenced "A Christmas Gone Too Soon" and the song Les and collaborator Diana Haig originally wrote for The Drifters- "There Won't Be Christmas This anthem for the men and women in the Armed Forces of the USA.

For those people who love "A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector" and Rickenbacker jangle, here's Something new for Christmas!
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Christmas at iTunes with this pulsating pop/rock package! Includes "Say You Love Me For Christmas", "Ding Dong Ding Dong", and "Christmas Vacation!"
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Les Fradkin- "If Your Memory Serves You Well" RRO-1013

With times changin at today's speeds, Bob Dylan fans can now hear something new from Les Fradkin, who has found great success with "Single" download sales across the Internet.

In this 2006 release, the "Jangleholic" and his trusty Rickenbacker 12-String are at it again! Les takes more than just a common tribute approach and reveals a unique perspective in the diverse influences that form the basis of a new sound for Bob Dylan's music. Byrds, Beatles, George Harrison, Phil Spector, Manfred Mann, Tom Petty and Dylan all blend together for a distinct journey through the Bob Dylan catalog. "This Wheels On Fire", "The Times They Are-A-Changin" will impress both Dylan and Byrds fans and Les' reading of "One Of Must Know" is a must hear as it takes Dylan into new sonic territory. Tom Petty fans will delight to his approach on "Absolutely Sweet Marie" and his fresh take on "Just Like A Woman" will suprise even those overly familiar with this Dylan hit.

His version of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" has been called "spine-tingling" by Jackie deShannon and his take on "Like A Rolling Stone" shows another angle on the Dylan masterpiece.

Les's interpretation of "The Mighty Quinn" has grown to download hit status on Apple iTunes as one of his biggest selling downloads.
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Download "The Mighty Quinn" and all the other Dylan covers from Les Fradkin at Apple iTunes!
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Les Fradkin- "Under The Covers" RRO-1011

This new CD gives everyone a look at some of his newest music- drenched in hooks galore for fans of Beatles Pop and 70's AM radio Pop.

You'll also get to hear brand new versions of his origional MGM/Sunflower single "Song Of A Thousand Voices" and "You Can Cry If You Want To" which has been a must have for 45RPM collectors for years. These songs have been unavailable for 35 years.

New songs this time out include "Under The Covers", an autobiographical followup to "Jangleholic." Other newies include "Through The Looking Glass" and "Take A Chance" which are slices of 60's & 70's Pop ear candy with hooks galore. His latest tune, "I Cry" promises to be one of his most covered compositions. Co-written with Amber Gomez of Venus In Bluejeans, this tune will grab you every time you hear it. All with Les' famous Rickenbacker 12-String guitar stylings mixed with his "sonic signature" production stamp.

Covers this time round include:
"Reflections Of My Life" (The Marmalade),
"Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again" (The Fortunes)
"Montego Bay" (Bobby Bloom),
"I'd Love You To Want Me" (Lobo).

And as a surprise bonus, Les sings his famous French Mireille Mathieu hit.... in French! Arranged with a nod to the original Paul Mauriat ("Love Is Blue")arrangement in mind, Les brings his self-composed Mathieu classic into modern sound.
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Les Fradkin- "Jangleholic" RRO-1010


*"You Were On My Mind"

* "I'll Never Find Another You"

* "Jangleholic

"Take a new trip with the Jangle Pop release you'll want as a must have for 2006. This 2006 CD features Les' renowned Rickenbacker 12-String Guitar stylings with some special surprises!

On this CD, he offers a selection of great Jangle covers from songs that influenced him as a 12-string guitarist: "I Want You" ( Bob Dylan ), "You Were On My Mind" ( by The We Five ), "I'll Never Find Another You" ( by The Seekers ) and TWO Paul Simon songs from the Simon & Garfunkel Songbook- "A Hazy Shade Of Winter" and his electrfying cover of "The Dangling Conversation."

Les' original compositions on this CD range from brand new tunes such as "Arrow Thru Your Heart" to gems from his past such as "Still On My Way" (co-written with Raven Kane of Neil Diamond touring fame) and "Sometimes A Girl Must Carry On" which dates back all the way to his 1971 unreleased MGM/Sunflower album.

The title track, "Jangleholic" gives the listener a humorous account of Les' history with both the 12-string guitar and his days in Beatlemania.
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Les Fradkin-"One Link Between Them" - (RRO-1027)

Buy One Link Between Them at Apple iTunes!
"The Space Rock sound everyone is talking about!"

What happens when you combine elements of Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Electronic and Neo Classical? All controlled by the amazing and expressive sound of the Starr Labs Ztar?

"ONE LINK BETWEEN THEM." How the album came to be:

After recording and releasing several successful Guitar Synthesizer Instrumental CD's since 2005, featuring Guitar Pitch to MIDI Technology, Les felt the need to break through existing barriers he had experienced since the dawn of MIDI. Although he once owned and used a SynthAxe MIDI Controller, the company had long ceased doing business and there seemed to be very little to choose from in the way of advanced MIDI control that a virtuso guitarist could play in real time with reliable and predictable results with modern music technology.

Always on the lookout for a MIDI Guitar that could track as fast as he could play, he discovered the Starr Labs Ztar in the Summer of 2007 which, unexpectedly, opened up a whole new Universe of performance and expressive possibilities for him as a composer, musician and guitar synthesist.

As a result of acquiring this new instrument, Les has chosen to gravitate away from traditional guitar based pop music and his current work involves the music and dynamic of Electronic sound as realized from the performance control of the Ztar. Searching for a means that could transport the listener to new realms of experience, he found himself now able to single-handedly orchestrate entire new worlds of sonic tapestry in real time with perfect tracking which were never before possible from previous MIDI Guitar technology. An entirely new merging of mind, heart, and computer technology resulting in new music was now posssible. Using a blend of Rock, Electronic, Progressive and Neo Classical signposts, Les' new CD "One Link Between Them" opens up a new door to a sound which has thrilled music fans the world over.

"ONE LINK BETWEEN THEM" Composition Notes:

This CD was originally conceived as a conceptual trip thru the Solar System in the distant future when manned space travel will be commonplace. If you'd like to hear these songs as individual unrelated nuggets, great. If you're into linking things together to form a larger picture, here goes.

1. "Lift Off" (Composed by Les Fradkin): This super charged opening number begins with the sound of our astral traveler being "beamed" up to the space station to rendezvous with his spacecraft. Once on board, he's confronted with weightlessness which is suggested by the "wobbly" synth sounds which follow. Then, he fires the ignition and heads off into space at great velocity.

2. "Orbiter" (Composed by Les Fradkin): This one finds him orbiting the planet Venus as his first stop (guess it's just too hot on Mercury). The 5/8 time signature bridge section connotes the off axis orbit Venus has (it rotates clockwise). Mellotron Violins establish the opening chord. The piece begins and ends with a signature blipping sound of his spacecraft.

3. "From Venus With Love" (Composed by Les Fradkin & Loretta Fradkin):
The Astral Traveler decides to land on Venus and investigate. Of course, it's way too hot there to really do this but this is science fiction. :-) Once there, he meets the race of Venusian women who great him with a progressive tribal chant. The sound is a woman's heartbeat mixed with Mellotrons and drum loops. The main theme, as played by the Ztar controlling Moog Modular and Mellotron MK II Violins is his expression of attraction to one of these women. The middle section-well, they get together. You know, "hook up." What else is there to do on Venus? At the end, he has to depart and the main theme restates with the woman in a very high soprano voice pleading with him not to leave. This piece closes with him blasting off and fading into the distance.

4. "Liberty" (Composed by Steve Vai): On his way to Mars, the Astral Traveler has to pass by the Earth. "Liberty" was chosen to celebrate the multi nationalism present on our planet. And to remind us that freedom is too precious to lose. "Liberty" features the Ztar a shred guitar voice for this tune.

5. "Caravan" (Composed by D. Ellington, J.Ticol, I.Mills): "Caravan" has been covered many times by many artists but never quite like this! Taking this Jazz chestnut into outer space, the Middle Eastern feel (Mellotron MKII Violins) merges with a space rock backing to evoke the red planet.

6. "Warp Drive" (Composed by Les Fradkin): To speed past the asteroids and reach Jupiter safely, our astral traveler has to engage Warp Drive speed. After firing the command to do so, the computer on board says- :"We'll take you."
This composition fires on all cylinders at Warp Drive. Thor Polysonic Synthesizer, Mellotron MKII and Moog Modular Synthesizers all triggered by the Ztar, combine to give this track great speed and expressiveness.

7. "Sailing All Alone" (Composed by Les Fradkin): Saturn looms ahead as our astral traveler's thoughts look back to the woman he's left behind. Very melancholic and evocative of King Crimson from "In The Court Of The Crimson King." The opening theme is stated on a Moog Modular Synthesizer. The main theme is played with a theremin-like sound from the Logic ES-2. Various Mellotrons (MKII Violins, M300 Violins, M400 Cello) evoke an icy atmosphere. At the conclusion, his memories of her meld together with the image of her face in the spaceship window. The high soprano human voice at the end is courtesy of Tara Coker-Lewis.

8. "Longing To Return" (Composed by Les Fradkin): By the time our hero is out past the orbit of Uranus, he's feeling quite alone. This beautiful piece is meant to connote those complex feelings way out in space where you arte utterly alone. The Ztar allowed Les to perform the orchestration is one take as a live overdub totally tapped on the Ztar fingerboard.

9. "A Dim Twilight" (Composed by Les Fradkin & Loretta Fradkin) : As the Astral Traveler salils past Neptune and out to the Kuiper Belt towards Pluto, Eris, Quonar and Sedna, out astral hero decides it's time to make the long journey home. The various phases of this composition connote those points passed and the trip back towards Earth. Opens with Mellotron Flute and Oboe over an exotic electronic backing. This version is different from the version on the Telstar single. This track is over 7 minutes long and the 2 minute preview clip here only offers a brief glimpse to what's in store.

10. "Telstar" (Composed by Joe Meek): What better way to achieve Earth re-entry than with the original Earth/Outer Space anthem. Features the Ztar triggering a glorious sample of a Clavioline which was the lead sound of the original recording.
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Les Fradkin- "Goin' Back" RRO-1009

This is the Les Fradkin album that features:

"Have I The Right"

This 2006 CD features Les' renowned Rickenbacker 12-String Guitar stylings with some special surprises! Featured guest performers on this release include Richie Furay ( Buffalo Springfield, Poco) guest duetting with Les on Richie's all new composition "Only To You." The original members of The Left Banke (Mike Brown on Piano, Tom Finn on Bass and Background Vocals, Steve Martin on Guitar and Background Vocals and George Cameron on Drums and Background Vocals) appear with Les on a remixed version of his 1972 composition "I Could Make It Last Forever"- a crucial, heretofore, never heard missing piece of Left Banke history. This recording even includes Mike's father Harry Lookofsky on Violins so the entire crew from "Walk Away Renee" fame is on board for this extremely commercial piece of pop history.

Mick Ronson and Hilly Michaels stepped in the studio way back in 1981 with Les and the resuls are found on "Spare Change."

Les also offers a selection of great Jangle covers from songs that influenced him as a 12-string guitarist: "The Byrds' "Goin' Back" and "So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star" as well as songs from The Searchers
("When You Walk In The Room"), The Honeycombs ("Have I The Right"-Joe Meek fans-take note!), The Hollies ("I Can't Let Go"), The Left Banke ("Walk Away Renee") Bob Dylan and Procol Harum.

Les' cover of Bob Dylan's "I Don't Want To Do It" is a must hear!
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Les Fradkin- "Love You 2" RRO-1008

Featuring Les' iTunes hit: "Do You Want To Know A Secret?"

Les brings you 11 more George Harrison hits in a musical tribute to The Quiet One of Beatles- this time, with full vocals, jangling Rickenbacker 12 String Guitar and featuring a brand new never heard arrangement of George's tune "You Know What To Do" which was originally heard in demo form on The Beatles "Anthology, Volume 1." Also included are some interesting takes and detours on familiar George Harrison material: A Nick Drake meets Donavan slant on "Don't Bother Me" and an Dillards style Electric Bluegrass vision of "You Like Me Too Much."
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Les Fradkin- "Something for George" RRO-1007

This is the album that has "My Sweet Lord."

Les Fradkin has the singular distinction of being the first musician chosen to portray George Harrison in the Original Cast of Beatlemania on Broadway back in 1977.

Now, you can hear Les sing and play 9 great George Harrison hits as only he can!

Features guest appearances from Richie Furay (Poco, Buffalo Springfield) and Lon Van Eaton (Apple Records Recording Artist)

Also features:

* "What Is Life"
* "Isn't It A Pity?"
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Download "My Sweet Lord", "What Is Life" and all the others on "Something for George" at Apple iTunes!

Les Fradkin- "While My Guitar Only Plays" RRO-1005

Les brings you 14 Guitar Instrumentals in a musical tribute to The Beatles. The CD offers 8 Lennon-McCartney tunes and 6 George Harrison compositions. And for Ventures fans, Nokie Edwards participates as a guest guitarist.

Les is offering something new and original here while keeping one foot in traditrional Beatles sound and production values. In particular, his stunning guitar duel, re-creating the "Abbey Road" "Golden Slumbers","Carry That Weight" and "The End" Medley is a must hear. His touching acoustic tribute to George on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" takes the Harrison standard into new territory. "I Feel Fine" recalls The Ventures treatment back in 1965.

"While My Guitar Only Plays" is now featured on "Breakfast With The Beatles" (99.5-The Mountain, Denver, CO.) and on Joe Johnson's "Beatlebrunch" Radio Show across the USA!

Les' version of "Here Comes The Sun" (featuring Nokie Edwards of The Ventures) finished #1 in 99.5's Mountain Beatles Homegrown Poll for 2006!
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Get "While My Guitar Gently Weps", "Papaerback Writer", "The Golden Slumbers Medley" and all the others at iTunes!
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Les Fradkin- "Perfect World" RRO-1004

Here it is!!!! Les' version of "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" is a best seller at Apple iTunes!

With covers of hits such as "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) ", "My Baby Loves Lovin'" and "Smile A Little Smile For Me" as well as Beach Boys influenced Sunshine Pop gems like "God Bless California" and "You Belong To Me."
Features guest appearances by Hal Blaine, Carole Kaye, Don Randi and Mitch Holder ("Phil Spector's Wrecking Crew").
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The place to download "Love Grows", "My Baby Loves Lovin'", "Smile A Little Smile For Me" and "God Bless California!"

Les Fradkin & Get Wet- "A Day At The Beach" RRO-1003 - (The 2nd Album)

This is music to DRIVE BY. Want something energetic for your car?

This is music to EXERCISE by. Want a burst of energy to workout by?

This is music to SURF by. Gidget does!

Les Fradkin & Get Wet are the most successful new instrumental surf band in internet history. At, we had 230,000 downloads in 77 countries and enjoyed 16 #1 hit singles on the charts. The group features guitar legend Les Fradkin, founder and leader of "Get Wet". Les Fradkin & Get Wet were featured as one of three successful artists in the first edition of the famous book "MP3 for Dummies" and the group's two surf CD's have received wide college airplay and sold thousands of copies.

"A Day At The Beach" features 4 songs heard in the movie documentary-
"ACCIDENTAL ICON- The Real Gidget Story":
"A Day At The Beach"
"Kick Sand"
"Key West Sunset" and
"Hurricane Warning"

This CD also features "Good Vibrations", "Beck's Bolero" and four #1 surf hits-"A Day At The Beach", "The Dirt Surfers Get Wet", "The Bridge Across Forever" and "Kick Sand." Surf legend Eddie Bertrand makes a guest appearance on rhythm guitar on "Joy Of Man's Desiring."

If you love Dick Dale, The Ventures, Jeff Beck and adrenalin pumping instrumentals, then you want the music of Les Fradkin & Get Wet..."Supersonic Surf Guitar!"
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"Good Vibrations", "A Day At The Beach" and all the rest are here at iTunes!
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The songs from "Accidental Icon-The Real Gidget Story"

Les Fradkin & Get Wet- "Splash!" RRO-1002 - (Their 1st Album)

This is the Get Wet CD that broke all records back at
"Body Surfin" was #1 there 10 times! 10 other tunes from "Splash!"made #1 as well.

This is music to DRIVE BY. Want something energetic for your car?

This is music to exercise by. Want a burst of energy to workout by?

Les Fradkin & Get Wet are the most successful new instrumental surf band in internet history. At, we had 230,000 downloads in 77 countries and enjoyed 16 #1 hit singles on the charts. The group features guitar legend: Les Fradkin, founder and leader of "Get Wet". Les Fradkin & Get Wet were featured as one of three successful artist in the first edition of the famous book "MP3 for Dummies" and the group's two surf CD's have received wide college airplay and sold thousands of copies.

This CD features "Body Surfin'"-(#1 10 Times at with 75,000 downloads all to itself) plus "Surfin The Classics Parts 1 and 2" (both #1 at and great covers of "Walk Don't Run", "Apache" and "Bombora." This is a 4 star CD for Phil Dirt of Reverb Central - noted surf music guru.

This CD also features a rare guest appearance from Eddie Bertrand (The Belairs, Eddie & The Showmen) on 2nd Guitar on 4 live bonus tracks, recorded live at KFJC in Los Altos Hills, California.

If you love Dick Dale, The Ventures, Jeff Beck and adrenalin pumping instrumentals, then you want the music of Les Fradkin & Get Wet..."Supersonic Surf Guitar!"
Download it at Apple iTunes!
Surf music glory at iTunes!
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It's at CD Baby. All the hits PLUS "Walk Don't Run", "Apache", "Bombora" and LIVE bonus tracks featuring guest surf guitar legend Eddie Bertrand.

Les Fradkin- "Reality-The Rock Opera" RRO-1001 - (His 1st Solo Album)

Les Fradkin's FIRST solo album.

Featuring "Rehearsals For Retirement" and
"You Can't Change Me."

Influences like The Moody Blues, The Byrds, The Beatles, and Procol Harum make up the foundation of this compelling CD of social satire with thought provoking lyrics.Pop rock attains more than the art of the possible... Les Fradkin gives America a "reality check" with his conceptual album,"Reality-The Rock Opera", filled with songs addressing our society's current lifestyles, culture and concerns. The message is put across combining lyrical integrity and dazzling harmonies with a majestic sonic landscape-... All of these ingredients are blended together with a grand styled production. If you love great song craft, mixed with Rickenbacker 12-String and lush production, you'll find it here.

Robert Silverstein of 20th Century Guitar Magazine calls Les: "...a master multi-instrumentalist ...A self-contained one man orchestra...a unique and gifted singer-songwriter."

This CD tells the story of Real Life in America as we live it today. It says thought provoking things about our society and culture, all with hummable and catchy tunes.

Les wrote all the music and co-wrote the lyrics and co-produced the "Reality-The Rock Opera" CD with his wife, Loretta. In addition, Les sings all the vocals and plays all the instruments including his famous Rickenbacker 12-String Guitar, on this excursion into the heart and mind of American culture.

CONTAINS: a Deluxe 20 Page Booklet with all the lyrics!
Download it at Apple iTunes!
Get his iTunes smash "Reharsals For Retirement" or the entire album at iTunes!
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Includes deluxe 20 page booklet with all the lyrics!

Napoleon's Ghost- "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!!" (The Download ONLY Single) RRO-1014


YOU CAN NOW DOWNLOAD "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!" at Apple iTunes

The story behind this disc is shrouded in MYSTERY!

You may have heard this song before. You may remember Napoleon XIV from those heady days of the summer of 1966.

40 years ago, "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!!" took AM Pop radio by storm. "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!" sold 1.2 million copies and made it all the way to #3 in Billboard before it was banned from airplay. It was an utterly unique novelty hit- nothing like it before.... or since. UNTIL NOW!

40 years later, Napoleon's Ghost offers up a brand new version of this all time comedy musical novelty. Complete with "warped" VSO vocals, sirens and great fun. If you're under stress, this song is the place to press.

As a special bonus, Napoleon's Ghost even re-creates the fun of the original B-side: BACKWARDS!!!!

These songs will available for download only across The Internet.

DOWNLOAD "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!" at Apple iTunes!

Produced by Les Fradkin. A DOWNLOAD ONLY RRO Single.
Apple iTunes Download
Download Napoleon's Ghost at iTunes! Get 'em both. A limited edition collector's item.

The Dirt Surfers- "Kick Ass Take Names" RRO-1016

200,000 downloads worldwide... number 1 over and over again... proof that instrumental rock and roll music has a place in the modern era.

The Dirt Surfers are 100% ROCK. Originally inspired by the heaviest rock band of all time, Black Sabbath, The Dirt Surfers evolved as they studied the muusic of Blue Oyster Cult, The Pixies, and The Clash.

Instead of vocals, The Dirt Surfers rely upon the guitar heroics of Doug Cornell (AKA "The Dirt Kahuna"). Cornell's ability to create lyrical passages with his guitar leaves the listener with melodies permanantly inprinted upon their brain.

"I was raised on Iommi, Blackmore, and Buck Dharma," says Cornell. All of these guys had technical chops, but what I got most from them was their capability to create melodic lead guitar passages."

The new Dirt Surfers' album, Kick Ass, Take Names, begins with an absolutely T-Rextacy searing version of the classic T. Rex track "Bang a Gong (Get It On)."
This new album also features astonishing versions of The Beatles' "Norwegian Wood" and The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black."

Listeners are sure to bounce around the room while listening to high-energy tracks like "Wicked Nutmeg," "Twisting a Hairpin," and "First to the Wall."

"Kick Ass, Take Names."
It takes no prisoners.
Info at CD Baby!
Info about the album!

Venus In Bluejeans- "Like An Angel" RRO-1017 - (Their 2nd Album)

They're back! The 21st Century girls have grown up!

They have a new CD as a DOWNLOAD ONLY RRO Digtal Release.

They've torn up Apple iTunes with their versions of "Wild Thing" and "Sealed With A Kiss". Their original composition, "Dream Away" set the sonic tone for their new sound heard in this new release.

This time, they've given a whole new slant to "Classic Rock." Their interpretations of great tunes by:

* The Beatles ("Across The Universe")
* The Kinks ("You Really Got Me")
* Pink Floyd ("Another Brick In The Wall")
* Yngwie Malmsteen ("Like An Angel")
* The Turtles and The Byrds ("You Showed Me")
* Led Zeppelin ("Stairway To Heaven")

set new surprises and standards for women in rock.

(WAIT A MINUTE! GIRLS don't sing classic rock?!?!?)

Plus they've delivered two new originals ("Sailing" and "I Cry")
which could stand as "classics" in the near future.

Original member Tara Coker-Lewis is back and has her new
"Supersonic Soprano" background harmonies aboard to compliment the astonishingly sexy lead vocals of new member Amber Gomez.

You won't want to miss Tara achieving stratospheric heights in "Sailing" and you won't get enough of Amber's extroardinary lead vocal timbre featured throughout this CD.

You could say they're a female Righteous Brothers.
You could say they're a female Led Zeppelin.

You should know they're Venus In Bluejeans.
CD Baby

Venus In Bluejeans- "Venus In Bluejeans" RRO-1006 - (Their 1st Album)

"The minute you walked into my life, I KNEW I'd be in trouble..." "Venus In Bluejeans" are a new and remarkable all girl singing group. This CD marks their debut on the Pop scene.

Their first album from 2005 was a great blend of today's Top 40 sounds merged with dance and electronica styles. They write their own material which ranges from the outrageous "Miss Perfect" to the ballad stylings of "Dream Away." Their cover of "Wild Thing" sets a new standard for this oft-recorded oldie. Venus In Bluejeans- the "Wild Things" of Apple iTunes.
Download it at Apple iTunes!
Looking for "Wild Thing?" Download it at iTunes!
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